Sometimes, people feel stiffness in their fingers, which does not enable them to move freely. This is due to an underlying condition called the trigger finger. This is the most common cause of pain people experience in their hands. It becomes a big challenge to even bend or completely straighten the finger for those people. This article will discuss trigger finger pain and how it can be cured.

In medical terms, the trigger finger is also called stenosing tenosynovitis. Basically, what happens in this condition is that the base of the finger gets swollen. When an individual tries to elevate or bend the finger, it causes distress and even clicks like a trigger, hence named trigger finger. The best orthopaedic in Gurgaon informs individuals about the symptoms that they might feel when they experience trigger finger pain.


  • Stiffness in the finger which strikes especially in the morning time. It is also noteworthy that this problem doesn’t need to be experienced with only one finger. It could happen in multiple fingers or just one.
  • People also experience a sound or a click when they try to move the affected finger.
  • Finger locked in its position, which aches if tried to move in any other direction.
  • The best orthopaedic in Gurgaon informs that the patient might also feel some bump at the base of that affected finger which can cause pain.

This situation is worse in the morning time, as throughout the night, the movement of the finger is not much; hence, in the morning, it becomes kind of difficult for the finger to accept movement in any other position suddenly. This is a trigger finger situation, and this is very problematic and painful for the sufferer. It could even cause inflammation in some cases, and the patient might have to consult a doctor for treatment ahead.

The best orthopaedics hospital in Gurgaon also suggests the possible causes by which this condition arises in the first place in an individual.


  • The major cause is the inflammation around the sheath that is present in the palm region. That, in turn, disables the tendon to glide easily. That tendon connects the forearm muscles to the bone that is present in the fingers. The inflammation narrows down the space of the sheath.
  • Certain medications for issues like diabetes, etc., could also be a reason that a person might feel pain in the fingers or, basically, feel trigger finger pain.
  • This also happens with people who have a job of keeping their fingers bent for a longer duration of time. A student, who writes continuously, will have to keep their fingers bent for longer durations of time. Now, when such students move their fingers after much time, they feel pain and discomfort in their fingers as they are unable to move them.
  • Another cause could be that a person keeps gripping onto stuff again and again, i.e., repeated gripping may cause trigger finger pain. For example, a person who has the job of gripping products from the machine and placing them on some shelf. This continuous practice may let that person develop a trigger finger.
  • The best orthopaedics in Gurgaon suggest that certain diseases may also have a greater risk of giving a trigger finger as a return gift. For example, diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, sugar (diabetes), etc.
  • An individual’s profession may also lead to certain changes in them. For example, a person who is a writer, musician, etc., may have a greater chance of developing trigger finger pain.
  • This condition is also linked to the age factor. The nerves start to become weak once a person starts to become old.

This is a very serious and frustrating situation when a person feels pain and finds no escape from this. The best orthopaedics hospital in Gurgaon suggests that there are many treatments for this problem.



    When a person complains to the doctor about the issue of trigger finger pain for the very first time, the doctor might provide medications like paracetamol, ibuprofen, etc. This is also recommended to those patients who are suffering from level-1 or grade-1 severity of trigger finger pain. The medications may provide relief to the patients for some time, but they cannot remove the swelling or inflammation.


    Rest is the best treatment that should be suggested by the doctors so that the activities that were not preventing the gripping of objects can be stopped for a while. Therapy might also include the stretching exercises that anyone with trigger finger pain can do to make the finger mobile again.


    The medical professional may let the patient wear splint at night, which would help the finger to be in the extended position. The splint also urges the tendon to rest. This process could move for six weeks.


    If the severity of the issue is more, the best orthopaedic hospital in Gurgaon suggests surgery for trigger finger pain. This includes certain injections like steroids, which may reduce the inflammation to the extent that the person may feel relief. But for the persons who suffer from diabetes, these steroid injections do not work effectively.

The best orthopaedic hospital in Gurgaon also suggests that surgery is an effective method when nothing else is possibly working for this problem. Surgery includes a doctor making a tiny incision at the base of the finger that hurts and then removing the constriction that was being caused at the tendon sheath. This helps the person to get rid of that inflammation.

This article informed us about what a trigger finger is and what are its symptoms and causes. It also explained the treatment that could cure this problem in people. People should take out a few minutes from their busy schedule and exercise those fingers which cause problems if kept in the same position for a long time. Small efforts could save anyone from an unwanted condition like a trigger finger.