Osteotomy in a real sense signifies “cutting of the bone.” In a knee osteotomy, the shinbone or thighbone are sliced and reshaped to relieve the strain on the knees. 

Knee osteotomy is regularly used to realign your knee structure on the off chance that you have ligament harm on just one side of your knee. The objective is to move the bodyweight of the harmed region and onto the opposite side of your knee, where the ligament is sound.

Why it’s done

Osteoarthritis can develop when the bones of your knee and leg aren’t arranged as expected. This can put additional weight on either the internal or external side of your knee. After some time, this additional strain can erode the smooth ligament that protects the bones, putting additional strain on your knee.


Knee osteotomy has a few advantages:

· To shift the pressure from the damaged part of the knee to an unaffected area of the knee.

· To realign knee joints.

· To increase the healthy lifespan of your knee.

Road to Recovery!

Most patients can start exercise-based recovery around two months after surgery. In contrast to other joint surgeries, osteotomy depends on the process of healing before beginning high-intensity training exercises. In the best situation, individuals usually start strengthening exercises about 2-3 months after the surgery and quit wearing the knee support too. 

A few exercises are necessary for healing faster:

  1. Stretching

During the initial weeks, the physiotherapists helps you in stretching your hamstring muscles, quadriceps, and calves and slowly moving on to the movement of the knee.

  1. Aerobic Exercise

After the pain has gone down, the physiotherapist usually recommends a 30 min low-intensity training session every day. Usually cutting down on activities that put a lot of pressure on the knee is recommended.

  1. Strengthening

It focuses on lightweight exercises that put your knees through a range of motion. It is suggested that you start to use your knee to actually lift a part of those weights and evenly distribute them through the other parts too. This will help you regain full movement of your leg and help you in getting back to walking and running again.

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