About Us

We have successfully completed 13 years. Now, looking onwards and upwards!

We’re here for you when getting around becomes a task. The ability to walk, stand and go on with your day can sometimes get severely hampered if you don’t take proper care or if certain injuries are ignored. And we’re here for you in all these cases. Saqsham provides super specialised ortho care and solutions to your troubles. 

Your health is our priority. 

Get specialised orthopedic care under one roof.

Our Mission

The mission of Saqsham is to deliver and provide quality health care and orthopaedic services to the people. To inspire an individual to get better, and to help them with the best facilities possible. We march on with compassionate care, super specialized procedures, and a healthy environment to bring change in the present medical system and assistance to you. To prevail over orthopaedic issues by pioneering prevention, discoveries, and increase the standard of healthcare practices.

Our Vision

Saqsham will strive to provide unparalleled orthopaedic assistance and become your trusted partner for healthcare through integrated clinical practices. Make progress in the health department and find advance cures. We strive to be your safe place and your dependable health partner.


Why Choose Saqsham

Super Specialised, wholesome ortho care and solutions. Be it a simple back or neck strain to the most complex spine and Shoulder Conditions, we combine exceptional care with personal attention and compassion. Our unit of doctors is focused to bring you the best care.

Using the latest technology and advanced techniques, each of our specialists are focused on bringing to you a personalised surgical experience and solutions. At Saqsham, we treat every orthopaedic issue and injuries like diseases of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. 

We combine exceptional care with personal attention and compassion, where we offer surgical and non surgical assistance to you. Be it diagnosis or treatment, rehabilitation or recovery, our team is with you every step of the way.

Our unit of doctors is focused to bring you the best care. We have over the years gained experience to bring you medical assistance that is focused to make your life stress free.