Wrist Arthroscopy


Arthroscopy is a surgery that involves treating problems in one’s joints. This procedure uses an Arthroscope, a small fibre-optic apparatus, using which the doctor can see inside the joint without any major incisions.

Being a complicated joint, the wrist has to be handled with extreme caution. It has eight tiny bones and several interconnected ligaments. For detecting a variety of wrist conditions, such as ligament tears, fractures, ganglion cysts, and persistent wrist discomfort, arthroscopy surgery is the best option.

The device used in the surgery is pretty small and makes small incisions on your wrist. Since the arthroscope itself has a camera and a light installed inside it, the doctor can easily look inside the joint when they move it to identify any complications.

Wrist Arthroscopy

When is wrist arthroscopy performed?

Your doctor will not immediately perform an arthroscopy when you go in for a checkup, since it is a surgical procedure, no matter how small.

When you first visit the doctor, a physical examination will be performed of your wrist to determine what is causing the pain. Then, they will take some images of your wrist through X-Rays or MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) after asking for your medical history. A wrist arthroscopy will only be performed if the problem cannot be determined physically or if the problem persists even months after whatever treatment the doctor prescribed you. When wrist arthroscopy is performed, only your wrists and hands are numbed using regional anaesthesia. The instrument is inserted into your wrist through two small incisions on the back of your wrist. Once the surgeon has made the observations, the incisions are closed using a stitch and some dressing.

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What can be treated through wrist arthroscopy?

The solution to several wrist problems can be found through arthroscopy.

Chronic wrist pain

In case of severe wrist pain, arthroscopy is not the first choice. However, when results cannot be determined even through various tests and imaging, it is then that wrist arthroscopy is performed.

Wrist fractures

When a bone in your wrist fractures, wrist arthroscopy can be used to align the pieces of the bone and bring it in shape again. You can also use arthroscopy in order to remove certain small pieces of bones that may remain behind after a fracture.

Carpal tunnel release

Carpal tunnel syndrome is when you have numbness or tingling in your wrist along with pain up your arm. In case the problem persists in your carpal tunnel, even after you have undergone various non-surgical treatments, arthroscopy can be used to lessen the pressure on the nerves in that area and help your condition.

Ganglion cysts

Sometimes a cyst may grow between some of your wrist bones. Wrist arthroscopy can be used to remove these cysts and stop or reverse any damage caused by them.

Post-surgical care

For a couple of days following your surgery, there may be slight swelling on your wrist. This can be brought down by some icing. Moreover, it is essential to keep the bandage clean and dry to prevent infections. Certain exercises can help bring the strength back in your wrist. Although the pain should be mild, normal painkillers should help relieve the pain. Your doctor must have discussed any potential complications pertaining to the surgery before the procedure, but they are extremely rare.

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Is arthroscopic wrist surgery painful?

Short answer – no! Since regional anaesthesia is used to numb the area of your arms and wrists, the patient should not expect any pain during the treatment itself. However, just like after any surgery, mild pain might be felt after the surgery. This can be expelled using basic painkillers and should not act as a hindrance to your daily activities. There will be no bleeding or pain during the procedure itself, owing to the usage of anaesthesia that blocks any pain and prevents bleeding.

How long does an arthroscopic wrist last?

Arthroscopic surgery should not take longer than two hours. It can last anywhere between twenty minutes and two hours. Since only small incisions are made in your wrist using a small instrument, it should not take very long for the surgeon to make their observations and close up the portals.

How long does it take to recover from an arthroscopic wrist surgery?

The pain following such a surgery is only mild, if present at all, so that should subside after not too long. You will have to rest your wrist quite a bit, so any strenuous activity must be avoided, and normal activity must also be done in limited amounts. All in all, it should take around about 6 weeks for you to fully recover. However, this number may increase or decrease depending on what you got the surgery for. For instance, after repairing damaged tissue, the recovery process should take a little while longer.

How common is arthroscopic wrist?

Over the years, wrist arthroscopy has become the third most common arthroscopic surgery, following knee and shoulders. Since it is a painless method to accurately determine the cause behind certain persistent pains and illnesses, it has seen to be performed rather commonly.

Does arthroscopic wrist surgery leave scars?

Of course, as with any other surgery, the incisions are made to leave behind small scars. However, they are not a cause for worry since they do fade over time. The wound will get tender and itchy after a while, but it will, eventually, go away. It will take up to a year for the scar to fade, but once you have beat whatever ailment was bothering you, a scar shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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