Hip Fracture

Hip Fracture

What is a Hip Fracture?

Hip fractures are breaks or cracks that occur near the hip joint in the upper part of the femur. A hip injury to the side or a fall from a standing height is the two main causes. It often affects elderly individuals, and the results can be hazardous.

The risk of hip fractures increases with age. Hip fractures can be painful for elderly patients, and Hip Fracture Surgery followed by physiotherapy is the best solution.

We at Saqsham Ortho provide holistic care for hip fracture problems. We give treatments to younger and elderly people by providing our services of surgery, post-operative rehabilitation, and preventive care. Our team of experts that provide this treatment includes orthopaedic surgeons, geriatricians, anaesthetists, ED doctors, cardiologists, nurses, and rehabilitation staff.


What are the symptoms of a Hip Fracture?

Our Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Specialist says if your hip is broken, you may observe the following symptoms:

  • Hip pain and stiffness in the hip or lower groin area
  • Bruising and swelling around the hip
  • Inability to lift, move or rotate your leg
  • Shorter Leg length on the side of the injured hip
  • Leg turning inwards
  • Inability to stand, walk or bear the weight
  • The hip might look twisted or rotated

If you see these symptoms, we advise you to call Saqsham Ortho to get the Best Hip fracture treatment in gurgaon.

How can Hip Fracture be diagnosed?

Book a consultation at Saqsham Ortho, and our best orthopedic surgeon in Gurgaon will help you diagnose your hip fracture. Our surgeon will ask you specific questions like:

  • How did your hip get injured?
  • Did you have a fall, and is this the first time?
  • What is the location of your hip pain?
  • When did the pain first begin?

Also, they will enquire you about any past hip injuries you had and other relevant medical problems. The surgeon will further assess your pain level and mental state based on your answers. The surgeon will also evaluate your lower leg’s sensation, movement, and circulation.

Further, to check for any nerve damage, our team of specialists will conduct a physical exam of your hip. They will advise you to take imaging tests. These tests will confirm the diagnosis, determine the severity and check for damage to soft tissues.

  • X-rays: X-ray tests will help the specialist by providing images of dense structures, such as bone. It will let the specialist diagnose the hip fracture.

However, if the X-ray fails to show the fracture and you still feel pain, you will be suggested to go for other imaging tests.

  • MRI scan (Magnetic resonance imaging): MRI scan will give the specialists an exemplary image of the bones and soft tissue structure. MRIs detect even the smallest of fractures and incomplete fractures.
  • CT scan (Computerized tomography): CT scan will provide a detailed cross-sectional image of the fracture, which includes bones, muscles, fat, and organs image.

What is a Hip Fracture Treatment?

A hip fracture treatment is vital if you have serious injuries. Saqsham Ortho suggests that someone with a hip fracture should get the treatment within 24 or 48 hours to avoid further damage. We advise you to take the treatment as soon as possible. However, if you face any other serious health condition, treatment of that condition first is vital.

Saqsham Ortho offers the best hip fracture treatment for the elderly in Gurgaon. We provide innovative surgery options to treat your broken hip. We recommend a surgery out of the three options based on your age, the type of fracture, mobility level before the fracture, and the current condition of the bone and joint.

  • Internal Repair: We recommend this surgery option when the bones can be lined up correctly. In this, our specialists use metal screws, nails, rods, or plates to secure and hold the bone together while it heals. The specialist inserts Metal screws into your bone to hold it together while the fracture heals. Sometimes they will attach the screws to a metal plate that runs down the thighbone (femur).
  • Partial hip replacement surgery: We recommend this hip replacement surgery option for adults with other severe health conditions or if the ends of their fractured bone are damaged or out of place. In this hip fracture treatment in the elderly, our specialist replaces the broken upper part of the thighbone with a metal prosthesis. Metal Prosthesis is a substitute used in place of a missing piece.
  • Total hip replacement surgery: We recommend this hip replacement surgery option when the fractured bones can not be appropriately lined up. We suggest you undergo this surgery if your joints are damaged by arthritis or any other injury. In this, our specialists replace the upper hip femur and the socket in the pelvic bone with Metal Prosthesis. This option is our most cost-effective surgery.

Recovery after the Surgery

After your hip fracture treatment, we want our patients to start moving and recover as soon as possible, as this will prevent further development of problems like pneumonia, blood clots, and bed sores. We will give you pain relief medication and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

Our team of Saqsham Ortho encourages you to participate in a rehabilitation program. In a rehabilitation program, physiotherapy sessions are scheduled. The physical therapist will create a personalized PT program for you.

You will be taught about the physical exercises to regain movement, flexibility, and strength, new ways of doing daily activities, and how to stay active. In the case of hip replacement surgery, special exercises are included in the program to improve your range of motion.

At Saqsham Ortho, we focus on providing you with the best orthopedic care and solutions. Our specialists use the latest technology and advanced techniques to help you with your Hip Fracture Surgery and other orthopaedic issues.

If you face any hip-related issues, we are here for your help and medical assistance. Please book an appointment today to get in touch with our team of specialists.

At Saqsham, we care for your well-being and strive to bring you the best orthopaedic care and solutions. If you are experiencing any hip-related issues and would like to get a medical opinion,
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