Shoulder Arthroscopy


Shoulder Arthroscopy is a procedure used to diagnose and treat various shoulder issues. While it isn’t possible to inspect a shoulder from the inside without cutting it, arthroscopy helps by using a small cut. Through this incision, a camera is penetrated, and this camera further inspects the insides of the shoulder.

The video captured on the camera helps the surgeon move around the issue and inspect and further treat it by penetrating other surgical instruments. Arthroscopy comes from a Greek term, Arthro meaning joint and skopic meaning to look. Thus, the procedure is to look into the joints.

Shoulder arthroscopy treatment has been in practice since the 1970s. It is an easy, faster and less painful way of operating on patients. While the procedure is minimally invasive, it can be performed in a day, and the patient is set free on the very same day.

While you get the treatment done, it is necessary to look for highly rated and well-trusted clinics and orthopaedics.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

When is Shoulder Arthroscopy recommended?

Arthroscopy is surgery of sorts. Thus, it is only recommended when the syndromes are no longer responding to the medications prescribed. It is therefore done in extreme conditions of shoulder dislocations or rotator cuff repairs.

Arthroscopy would be useful to diagnose and treat constant inflammation in the shoulders and to repair a torn tissue or a complete/partial ligament tear. The labrum can be removed or repaired using this method.

Shoulder arthroscopy treatment is beneficial for nerve release or fracture repair.

Preparatory steps: 

Shoulder Arthroscopy is often recommended in extreme shoulder syndromes. They are undertaken by expert surgeons who make sure to follow a set of rules before getting all in with the surgery.

The preparatory steps are essential, and they often include the following:

Complete health check-up

Before getting started, surgeons prescribe a complete health check-up that can be undertaken at the hospital itself or can be done through your regular physician. Right from your body index to diabetes and blood pressure, everything is taken into account.

Surgeons usually prescribe blood tests and electrogram for tests like ECG. On the basis of the reports, the doctors will undertake further procedures.

In case of any issues or doubts in the reports, the procedure is liable to be delayed or can be cancelled completely.

Admission and IV:

A night before the surgery, you are kept under the complete care of the nurses. IV is provided, and your blood pressure and body temperature are tabbed regularly. Diet is kept under control, and the doctor pays regular visits to inspect your condition.

Be sure to inform the doctor about any supplements or medications you are liable to consume in this period.


This is a crucial stage in the procedure. Patients are given Anaesthesia under expert guidance. A team of doctors will inspect your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature before providing a dose of Anaesthesia.

Depending on a patient’s condition, types of anaesthesia are provided. General, regional or local anaesthesia is accordingly injected.


Shoulder Arthroscopy treatment in Gurgaon is undertaken by professionals who follow the following procedure.

Before injecting Anaesthesia, a patient is positioned on a chair or on an operating table/bed. The patient can be either requested to sit or lay on their side. Your arm is then fixed in a holding device that reduces the chances of you moving and causing further movements.

The area is cleaned using an antiseptic lotion and is then numbed using Anaesthesia. Surgeons are then free to operate in this area.

A major step in the procedure is to inject a fluid that inflames your shoulder. This way, the doctors are able to see clearly and operate freely. Other fluids are then injected into the area to clear the space and restrict blood from pouring out.

A camera is inserted into the portals, and the image is viewed on a screen. Moving the arthroscope around, the tissues are diagnosed well and then, depending on the images, the problem is identified.

Once the problem has been identified, surgeons insert other surgical instruments to treat the tear or fracture of any sort.


The incisions are comparatively small, and thus sealing them isn’t a major issue. Surgeons usually use traditional stitches or steri-strips to seal these holes.

Surgeons prescribe aftercare related to diet and exercise in order to heal the wound faster. It usually takes an hour to complete the procedure. The patient is free to go home the very same day.

In case of excessive bleeding, pain, bruises or infection, it is necessary to visit the surgeon as soon as possible.

A little discomfort is felt in the initial days of the surgery. Proper care and diet can help you recover. Avoid heavy exercises or weight lifting in the first few months. Take utmost care of the area in the first few weeks.

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What is Shoulder arthroscopy?

Shoulder arthroscopy is a technique of diagnosis and treatment in which an arthroscope is inserted through a small incision, known as a portal, to inspect the tissues in the shoulder.

When is the procedure recommended?

Arthroscopy is undertaken in extreme conditions of shoulder dislocations or rotator cuff repairs.

Arthroscopy would be useful to diagnose and treat constant inflammation in the shoulders and to repair a torn tissue or a complete/partial ligament tear. The labrum can be removed or repaired using this method.

What are the essential steps in the procedure?

Various essential steps, right from preparatory to closure, are undertaken in the procedure.

The preparatory steps include a complete body check-up, Admission, and anaesthesia. This is followed by positioning the patient, and then the doctor undertakes the surgery.

In the closures, surgeons seal the incisions and prescribe the required aftercare diet, medications and exercises to the patients.

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