Bunion Surgery


Bunion surgery is exactly what its name suggests. The surgery is done to reduce the pain caused by the deformities arising due to bunions. A bunion is an enlargement of the bone or tissue at a joint near the underpart of the big toe or the little toe. These are caused when the concerned joints are put under stress for a long period of time. Most often, it affects the big toe joint.

Most bunions occur in those who tend to wear pointy or tight shoes for a prolonged period of time. Some bunions may even be inherited, while others may develop as a consequence of arthritis.


When might I need bunion surgery?

If you think you might be facing a bunion issue, evaluate your circumstances first. Of course, a doctor is a better judge of this. However, when is it time to consult a doctor for Bunion Treatment in Delhi NCR

If you are having severe pain while walking, even while wearing flat and comfortable shoes, your healthcare provider may recommend bunion surgery. Other reasons why you may be suggested to undergo such surgery include chronic toe inflammation that is not relieved with medications or other non-surgical procedures, a drifting in of the big toe toward the small toe, an inability to bend and straighten the big toe or a toe deformity.

Types of surgical procedures

The kind of surgical procedure you will be required to undergo is affected by factors such as your age, the severity of the bunion, your general health, your activity levels and other such factors. The various factors influencing the surgical procedure may result in the following:

  • Mild bunion – The enlarged portion may be removed and the malalignment of the surrounding tissues and ligaments will be fixed.
  • Moderate bunion – The bone is cut and shifted to the position it should be in while the surrounding tissues and ligaments are aligned properly.
  • Severe bunion – The enlarged portion of the bone is removed, or the bone is cut and aligned while the surrounding tissues and ligaments are aligned properly.
  • Arthritic bunion – As often seen in arthritis, the joint is usually damaged beyond repair. In these cases, the joint is fused, which allows the bones to heal. In some cases, joint replacement implants may also be required.

How do I prepare for bunion surgery?

First off, make sure you understand the procedure. After all, the operation will be performed on your body so you must understand all the steps of the procedure.

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Let your doctor know of any allergies or medical history you may have so that you can avoid any complications that may arise.

Generally, you will be asked to undergo a fast of a minimum of eight hours preceding the surgery. Moreover, arrange for someone to take care of you post the surgery since the sedatives given to you might make you a tad bit drowsy.

Post-surgical care

The doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for your foot after the surgery is performed. You may be discharged from the hospital wearing a cast on your toe or foot to keep it safe.

Even when you are at home, utmost care is required. Your leg must be kept rested as much as possible and elevated on some pillows to reduce swelling and discomfort. Icing might be recommended, and you may be told to limit how much you walk, and even when you do, to use a walking cane or something of the sort.

You must also keep the dressing clean and dry at all times. You can either take a sponge bath or keep the dressing wrapped and covered using a plastic bag when you shower. Moreover, to relieve any soreness, take a painkiller as prescribed by your doctor.

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How long is recovery after bunion surgery?

It has been seen that most people who get bunion surgery recover rather quickly. Although great care and rest are recommended and required following such a procedure, it should not take long for you to recover. Most people recover in 6-12 weeks and are fit to go about their normal lives.

How painful are bunion surgeries?

Not at all! The surgery itself should not cause you any pain in the least. During the surgical procedure itself, you will be given a local anaesthetic that will numb any pain so that you can have a painless surgery. Post-surgery, however, mild discomfort and soreness will be felt, the severity which will vary from person to person. Your doctor should be able to help you out with this by prescribing painkillers.

When should bunions be removed?

Usually, surgical removal is not mandated when you realise that you have a bunion in your foot. However, it is time to get a surgical fix when the bunion keeps you from walking normally and hurts severely, or normal non-surgical methods have not been working on relieving the pain, and the problem still persists.

Can you walk on foot after bunion surgery?

Most patients will be able to resume their normal activities following bunion surgery. However, this does take around 6-12 weeks. During this recovery period, your walking is limited and you are required to wear a cast or a walking shoe to help keep your foot safe. It is also recommended to keep your foot elevated.

Can you wear heels following bunion surgery?

Since wearing heels for a prolonged period of time can be the cause of a bunion in the first place, it is not recommended, at least initially. However, after a good amount of time and given that you have stretched your foot regularly and consistently and given it enough time to heal, it is possible to wear any kind of shoe again.

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