Rotator cuff tears often make it difficult for patients to move their arms and cause immense shoulder pain. Whether they are partial or complete, the tears weaken your arms and require an effective rotator cuff tear treatment.

If you or your loved ones are tackling rotator cuff tears, Saqsham Ortho provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for the same. The facility offers the most trusted rotator cuff surgery in Delhi NCR and the surrounding regions. The team of skilled and experienced doctors focuses on recommending the most suitable procedures and gives immense importance to rehabilitation, making sure their patients walk home healthy and happy.

Before getting to how the orthopedic doctors at Saqsham Ortho deal with rotator cuff tears, let us briefly understand the issue.

What Is A Rotator Cuff?

The rotator cuff refers to a bunch of muscles and tendons located around your shoulder joint. This group of muscles and tendons helps you lift your arms and move them away from your body. As the name suggests, the rotator cuff makes it possible for you to rotate your arms freely. It is responsible for keeping the ball of your upper arm bone (humerus) into the socket of the shoulder blade.

What Is A Rotator Cuff Tear?

Rotator cuff tear is a common rotator cuff injury that involves your tendons pulling away from your arm bone. These tears may be caused due to an overuse of the tendons or serious injuries.

Rotator cuff tears often occur on the more dominant side of your shoulders. While it is not always the case, a tear on one side of your shoulder may increase the likelihood of the same occurring on the other side, even if you do not experience pain in that region.

The orthopedic doctors at Saqsham Ortho recommend the right rotator cuff tear treatment depending on the type of the tear – partial or complete. Partial rotator cuff tears have the patient’s tendon still attached to the arm bone. On the other hand, a complete tear completely separates the tendon from the bone, resulting in a hole in the tendon.

What Are The Causes Of A Rotator Cuff Tear?

Most rotator cuff tear cases arise due to accidents resulting in broken collar bones or dislocated shoulders that hamper the rotator cuffs. Moreover, a lot of rotator cuff tears occur due to the wearing down of tendons with age. People above the age of 40 should be more careful about such health complications.

Here are a few more common reasons why you may require a rotator cuff tear treatment:

  • Reduced Blood Flow

This is another age-related cause. As people get older, the blood flow to their rotator cuffs decreases. It would help if you had a good and steady flow of blood to your tendons to repair and nourish them. If they are deprived of the same, health complications, occur.

  • Bone Spurs

A bone spur is a bony growth on the top of the patient’s shoulder bone. These spurs rub against the patient’s tendon as they lift their arm, increasing the risk of rotator cuff tear.

  • Rigorous Shoulder Movements

Overuse or rigorous and repetitive shoulder movements also increase the risk of tearing your rotator cuff. People indulging in sports and physically demanding activities may exert a lot of pressure on their tendons, leading to rotator cuff tears.

How Does Saqsham Ortho Diagnose Rotator Cuff Injuries?

If you are looking for the best orthopedic doctor Gurgaon has to offer, Saqsham Ortho provides you with a team of surgeons at the top of their games. The orthopedic hospital provides end-to-end diagnoses and treatments for rotator cuff tears and other related health complications.

When a patient approaches the orthopedic doctors of Saqsham Ortho with a rotator cuff injury, they would recommend a physical examination to understand the issue better. The doctor handling the case will examine the patient’s shoulder strength, arm strength, and range of motion to make the right assessments.

To diagnose rotator cuff injuries, the doctors at Saqsham Ortho perform X-ray checks to see if the patient suffers from bone spurs or arthritis. They also recommend an ultrasound or MRI test to confirm tendon tears.

How Does Saqsham Ortho Treat Rotator Cuff Injuries?

While it is difficult to conduct a rotator cuff tear treatment without surgery, doctors at Saqsham Ortho do perform non-surgical procedures to improve their patients’ functionality and reduce their pain.

Here are a few major non-surgical ways Saqsham Ortho treats rotator cuff injuries:

  • Arm Sling – Doctors provide their patients with arm slings to rest their arms and give their shoulder time to heal. They advise halting all physical activities for a few days.
  • NSAIDs – Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) help patients reduce pain and swelling as their shoulders heal.
  • Physical Therapy – Extensive and systematic physical therapy sessions ease the patients into recovery.

However, if the rotator cuff tear is severe, the doctors will recommend surgical treatments to tackle the issue. The orthopedic doctors at Saqsham Ortho would also recommend surgeries if the patient’s job requires extensive shoulder movements.

Saqsham Ortho performs rotator cuff surgeries through the minimally invasive procedure of arthroscopy. This involves making small incisions in the patient’s body to repair the torn rotator cuff and ease the pain. Being an outpatient procedure, patients can return home the same day after the surgery is performed. However, it may take a few months before the patient is completely fit to go back to using their shoulders normally.

The doctors at Saqsham Ortho give a lot of importance to post-surgical rehabilitation to ensure that the patients regain normalcy and shoulder mobility in the best way possible. They provide personalized attention to every patient and recommend the most suitable exercises/remedies to recover from rotator cuff injuries.

The Final Word

This is how you can get your rotator cuff fixed and heal from the complications with Saqsham Ortho. The team of adept orthopedic surgeons guides you every step of the way, right from initial assessments to final rehabilitation. Saqsham Ortho stays in tune with the ongoing trends by using modern equipment and tools to conduct comprehensive rotator cuff treatments.