Just imagine yourself happily enjoying your evening walk, and suddenly you feel some pain in your knee. You go to the doctor and they tell you that they will have to perform a knee replacement surgery. What will your reaction be? To tackle major knee problems, there have been quite a few advancements in procedures. Cartilage Transfer is one of the most important discoveries in treating knee issues. 

Cartilage Transfer is a medical procedure that is normally a possibility for patients who have harm that is restricted to one part of the knee instead. It is an incredible alternative for people who don’t require complete knee replacement. While an all-out knee transfer would be suitable for a few patients, the choice of whether a Cartilage Transfer is appropriate for you is dependent upon your doctor and your own choice.

What are the criteria of Cartilage Transplant Surgery?

This surgery is not for everyone, one should fit in the points given below.

  • Should be under the age the 55
  • In good health and active physically 
  • Having a normal shaped knee with a normal alignment
  • Localised resting pain occurring for a shorter duration 

Perks of Cartilage Transplants

  • Faster recovery time than a knee replacement
  • Faster and long-lasting pain relief
  • Improvement in the ability of the knee to perform usual exercises.

Things to expect after a Cartilage Transplant Surgery

It is a very short surgery, where the patients usually return home the same day or the day after that. Every patient receives a set of Dos and Don’ts from their doctor. A few things a patient should do are keep their knees elevated, have the prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatories and keep applying ice to ease the post-surgical swelling. Minimal to no use of the knee is recommended for the first couple of weeks. Most of the patients will be recommended to use crutches for 5 to 6 weeks. 

Physiotherapy will be very crucial for recovery. This will not only promote the healing process but also help in improving the blood flow to the area of the cartilage installation. After 6 weeks gradual increase in weighted exercises is recommended. Finally, after 12-14 weeks depending on the recovery one can walk without any hassle.

At Saqsham Ortho, our Dr Debashish Chanda is well versed in performing such types of surgeries. He can walk you through the process and properly guide you regarding the need for cartilage surgery or a full knee transplant to relieve your pain. To set up an appointment, contact us right away!