The human body is made up of 206 bones and 306 joints. Bones are made up of calcium phosphate and collagen. Bones lose their density and tend to be weak with growing age.


Hip bones are the most vulnerable to breakage in old age. Osteoporosis – a condition that leads to the weakening of bones, is another cause of the breakage of bones, especially hip bones. Usually, hip fractures can be caused by falling or road accidents. Hip fracture in old age can be a devastating problem, but hip replacement surgery in Gurgaon is going to rescue you.


Nonetheless, as the proverb goes – prevention is better than cure, and so should the obligation to follow it.


Tips for preventing hip fractures

Fractures can not be prevented even if you try your best, but you can minimize the risk of getting a fracture for sure. Follow these simple steps.


  • Diet: simple as it may sound, a vitamin-D and calcium-rich diet like spinach, milk fortified with vitamin D and calcium, okra, kale, soybean, broccoli, mushrooms, fishes like Solomon, egg yolk, cereals like oats, etc. can help in increasing bone density and calcium in the body.
  • Exercise regularly: being active is beneficial for the overall health of the body. Yoga, cardio exercises, weight-lifting, swimming, and running are some of the best workouts to do regularly. For elderly persons, yoga is extremely helpful in maintaining flexibility and strength.
  • Regular checkups: meet orthopaedics – the one specialist, regularly for a checkup. You can find the best orthopaedics hospital in Gurgaon and get reports about your bone’s strength and density.
  • Be careful: while walking up or down stairs, on smooth floors, on roads, in parks, and anywhere else, make sure to walk carefully. Preventing yourself from falling is a major precaution for keeping your bones intact. Follow indoor safety to reduce the risk of any accidents at home.
  • No intoxications: toxicants like alcohol, weed, and smoking lead to confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, and health problems. These intoxicating habits also lead to the weakening of bones.
  • Healthy eyesight: maintaining good eye health is essential as this will prevent a lot of accidents from happening. Wear proper glasses if you have eye problems, and make sure your vision is clear for you to see things clearly while walking.


How to know if you have a hip fracture?

A hip fracture may not seem like one until diagnosed under an x-ray. The best orthopaedic in Gurgaon can do an x-ray diagnosis that will show which bone has fractured or cracked. Most hip fractures are in two areas.


The first one is in the upper part of the femur – the longest bone in the body in the thighs – and the joint that is just below the ball part of the ball-and-socket joint.


The second area is in the part of the upper femur that protrudes outward, just below the hip joint.


If the x-ray diagnosis shows a fracture, it may create havoc but instead of worrying, consult the best orthopaedic hospital in Gurgaon.


What to do after a hip fracture is diagnosed?

After a hip fracture has been diagnosed, try to consult an orthopaedic. They will suggest a treatment that may involve surgery to fix the fracture, rehabilitation, which will help you recover sooner and better, and some medicines to provide relief from the pain and inflammation. Medical attention becomes attention after surgery as it will check for any infection.


  • Surgery:

    different types of surgeries may be performed depending on where and how severely the bone has broken if the bone has been displaced, and the age and conditions of the patient.


Internal screws-

metal screws are implanted in the bones to hold them firm as the fracture’s healing process is underway.


Total hip replacement:

if the damage is severe, the best orthopaedic in Gurgaon will perform a total hip replacement surgery is performed. This is considered to be more cost-effective, as the ball-and-socket joint is replaced totally.


Partial hip replacement:

in some cases, the socket part of the hip doesn’t need to be replaced. In those cases, partial hip replacement is done. This type of surgery is done on old people, as their fracture takes longer to heal.


  • Rehabilitation:

    this will ensure your bone’s smoother movement and physical therapy that enables the strengthening of bones. Rehab is usually dependent on what kind of surgery you had. Numerous young patients do not need to go under rehab for a longer period, as their bones are stronger. For old people, rehab becomes a mandation, as they can not walk on their own proper, and their bones have gone weaker due to ageing.

  • Medical attention:

    pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to the patient going through the process of rehabilitation. Sometimes even antibiotics and other medicines are administered to the patient to keep an eye on any sort of infection. Antibiotics aid in the healing process of the bones and body.


The patient is asked to maintain a vitamin and mineral-rich diet, which can further enhance the healing process.



Accidents, falling down, or old age may lead to the breaking of the hip bone. If you have unfortunately had a hip bone breakage, do not worry and consult an orthopaedic for hip replacement surgery in Gurgaon.


An accident may be an inevitable occurrence, but being careful and taking good care of your health and fitness will lessen the risk of bone weakening, further leading to bone breaking. Vitamin D, calcium, iron, and other minerals help to maintain bone density. Thus eating a rich diet with vitamins and minerals will ensure good overall health. Leaving a life of intoxicants free will also help maintain good health and strength.


Keeping regular touch with the orthopaedic and getting a report on your bone health is going to prevent some of the severe fractures to a certain degree. Poor eyesight may also lead to blurry vision and thus making it difficult to walk properly on an uneven surface, increasing the risk of falling down and breaking of the hip bone.