Tears in the meniscus are one of the most prevalent knee ailments. Athletes, especially those who participate in contact sports, are susceptible to a meniscus tear. The meniscus can be torn by anyone at any age. People commonly refer to a torn meniscus when they talk about “torn cartilage” in the knee.

What Causes Meniscus Tears?

Movements that cause you to twist or rotate your knee with a jerk can cause your meniscus to tear. Such activities can range from a sudden turn, kneeling, workouts like squats or even lifting something heavy with improper form. 

Treatment Of Meniscus Tears – 

Your treatment plan will be determined by a number of criteria, including your age, symptoms, and degree of activity.  Dr. Debashish will also consider the injury’s severity, size, and location.

  • Non-Surgical Treatment – Many meniscus injuries do not necessitate surgery right away. If your symptoms do not worsen and your knee does not lock or swell, your doctor may suggest non-surgical treatment. Most sports-related injuries respond well to RICE therapy, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. 
  • Surgical Treatment – If nonsurgical treatment fails to relieve your symptoms, your doctor may recommend arthroscopic surgery

Dr Debashish Chanda will recommend rehabilitation activities once the initial treatment is complete. Regular exercise is required to regain knee mobility and strength. You’ll begin by doing exercises to increase your range of motion. Your recovery plan will eventually include strengthening activities. Call us or book an appointment online.