Knees tend to get weaker with age. Once you cross the age of 40, it is important to start taking immense care of your knees. While you are younger, you can manage to dodge a few knee injuries and heal issues that are not quite possible to heal as you get older. This is why senior citizens tackling serious knee-related problems are recommended an effective knee replacement surgery.

Saqsham Ortho Gurgaon is one of the most trusted knee replacement centers in the country. The facility is home to some of the best orthopedic doctors in Gurgaon with years of experience. For years, Saqsham Ortho has been consistent in providing state-of-the-art services across multiple domains, with a special emphasis on knee replacement surgery.

Before discussing why you should get your knee replacement surgery done at Saqsham Ortho Gurgaon, let us briefly understand the procedure.

What Exactly Is A Knee Replacement Surgery?

As the name suggests, knee replacement surgery is a surgery that involves replacing specific parts of the patient’s worn-out or injured knee joint to restore normal functioning. The surgery is performed by orthopedic doctors to ease the patients’ pain and help them regain knee mobility.

During a knee replacement surgery, doctors replace the patient’s damaged cartilage or bones with metal or plastic fillers. The replacement keeps the patient’s knees intact and prevents any further damage. Most knee replacement surgeries are performed to ease the pain caused due to arthritis in older patients. Prolonged arthritis leads to the wearing out of the knee cartilage, causing immense pain while walking.

Knee replacement involves replacing either a specific portion of the joint or the entire joint, depending on the patient’s condition. At Saqsham Ortho, a team of the best orthopedic doctors in Gurgaon performs knee replacement surgeries with the utmost precision.

Why Get Your Knee Replacement Surgery Done At Saqsham Ortho Gurgaon?

If you or any of your family members is struggling with serious knee-related issues, here are a few important reasons why you should get your knee replacement surgery done at Saqsham Ortho Gurgaon:

Recommending Alternate Methods

The doctors at Saqsham Ortho Gurgaon do not jump to conclusions and suggest getting a knee replacement surgery done right away. After performing a thorough diagnosis of the issue, they ask whether the patient has tried alternative ways of tackling the issue. They understand how serious and elaborate the surgery is and would perform the same only if it is absolutely necessary.
In most cases, orthopedic doctors recommend losing weight, performing mild exercises, and taking pain relief medications before going for a knee replacement surgery. The surgeons at Saqsha Ortho often ask the following questions to decide whether a knee replacement surgery is required:

• Is your knee pain severe enough to keep you up at night?
• Does your knee pain persist when you stand up or get out of your car?
• Does your knee condition make walking difficult?
• Is climbing up stairs difficult for you?
• How effective are over-the-counter medicines for you?

Focus On Extensive Rehabilitation

One of the biggest reasons why Saqsham Ortho enjoys the reputation of being the best orthopedics hospital in Gurgaon is its focus on extensive rehabilitation. The doctors at the facility do not consider a knee replacement surgery successful until the patient is holistically cured after rehabilitation.
After the surgery, the orthopedic doctors and other healthcare professionals at Saqsham ortho ensure that the patients get proper care for a few weeks to regain normalcy. Depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition, they recommend the right exercises, equipment, and procedures to recover their knee’s functionality.
The healthcare professionals at Saqsham Ortho are trained to gradually lead the patients toward complete mobility, one day at a time. They understand how important rehabilitation is for a patient to recover after a knee replacement surgery.

Reduction In Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the biggest issues faced by senior citizens across the world. Many of them prefer living with the pain for the rest of their lives. However, Saqsham Ortho Gurgaon provides them with a lot of relief through knee replacement surgery.
The orthopedic doctors at the facility understand the condition of the patient’s knee and do their best to reduce their knee pain through effective surgery. Arthritis, which is the most common cause leading to knee replacement surgery, often accompanies excruciating pain in the patient’s knee joint. The doctors at Saqsham Ortho employ minimally invasive techniques to treat their patients and relieve their pain.

Faster Recovery

Another key reason why you should consider getting knee replacement surgery done at Saqsham Ortho is that the doctors facilitate faster recovery. By performing surgeries using modern equipment and giving prime importance to rehabilitation, healthcare professionals ensure that patients return home faster.
Minimally invasive techniques play an important role in a patient’s faster recovery. When the incisions made on the body are smaller, the body takes lesser time to heal after surgery. This adds to the holistic recovery after a knee replacement surgery performed by Saqsham’s orthopedic surgeons.

Personalized Attention

Saqsham Ortho ensures that each patient receives personalized attention before, during, and after the surgery. The doctors maintain all patient records in a centralized database to keep track of their progress and stay informed about their conditions. If a patient wishes to stay at the facility for longer, the staff gives pays daily attention to all their needs as they recover after the surgery.

Restoring Mobility

The team of the best orthopedic surgeons in Gurgaon at Saqsham Ortho strives to restore patients’ knee mobility. Along with relieving them of their pain, the doctors help older patients walk normally by treating their knee joints through surgery.

The Final Word

These were some of the many reasons you should reach out to Saqsham Ortho to get a knee replacement surgery done. With a team of passionate and skilled orthopedic doctors, the facility ensures that you and your loved ones lead healthy and happy lives!