The Benefits Of Custom Orthotics


Not everyone is blessed with flawless feet. Even if they start off that way, life can throw a few stumbling blocks in your way, causing your feet to hurt every day. Foot problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including wearing the wrong kind of shoes, medical disorders like diabetes, and even overexerting while playing sports. 

Custom orthotics for Foot & Ankle Conditions in Gurgaon can help you get back on your feet without pain. But keep in mind that they can help you with a lot more than just your foot pain. 

Why Do Custom Orthotics Perform Better Than Generic Orthotics?

Custom orthotics, often known as shoe inserts or arch supports, are foot supports that are designed to support trouble areas. They can correct a toe joint deformity, elevate the arch, and ease heel pain. When it comes to orthotics, customization is crucial. Custom orthotics, unlike generic, mass-produced shoe inserts sold over the counter or online, are made individually for your foot. They are made to match the curves and size of your foot and provide support exactly where you need it. Dr Anuj Chawla, one of the Best Orthopedics Doctors in Gurgaon, will also assess your stride during a custom orthotics evaluation because your feet don’t stay motionless all day. This provides a doctor with a better idea of how your feet work as you move. Every foot is different, and a non-custom-fit insert may wind up creating as much discomfort as it is designed to alleviate. 

Health Benefits Of Custom Orthotics

Getting your orthotic custom-fit might aid you in a variety of ways.

Corrects Foot Abnormalities

While discomfort is your symptom, when it comes to foot pain, underlying structural issues are frequently the cause. Custom orthotics fix the underlying cause of your pain, such as collapsing arches (pronation) or high arches, rather than disguising it (supination).

Relieves Pressure

Cushioning and support are provided by custom orthotics, which redistribute the pressure that your feet encounter during daily activities. This is especially useful if you have arthritis or have to stand for long amounts of time at work. Orthotics can also help prevent pressure ulcers and other diabetic foot problems.

Improves Back, Knee, And Ankle Health

You may be interested in custom orthotics because you have foot pain, but you may also benefit if you have:

  • Back pain
  • Knee pain 
  • Ankle pain

Your feet are responsible for maintaining good alignment and a healthy range of motion in your ankles, knees, and back. As your stride or stance alters to adjust for foot pain, it can cause pain and reduce mobility in your joints, muscles, and tendons. This puts a strain on your back and lowers the extremities’ soft tissue and skeletal structures. Custom orthotics can help prevent these problems by restoring appropriate foot alignment.

Improves Athletic Performance And Overall Health 

Foot irregularities can impair your performance whether you’re a young athlete just getting started or a seasoned warrior attempting to keep your crown. It’s important to remember that it’s not only about running or walking. Your golf posture, your ability to pitch from the mound, or your weekend cycling expedition can all be affected by foot pain. Custom orthotics can help you get rid of the pain that’s keeping you from performing at your best. 

Furthermore, if it’s your health that you’re after, running, walking, and gym activities all become easier and, dare we say, more fun after foot pain fades. Make an appointment with Dr Anuj Chawla at the Best Orthopedic Clinic Gurgaon to learn more about what custom orthotics can do for your feet and help with Flat foot treatment in Delhi NCR. To get started, call us