Post your knee surgery, there will be a lot of challenges on the road to recovery. It may be difficult to go through it but the important thing to remember is that the post-surgery time is as important as the pre-surgery time. 

Given below are a few Do’s and Don’ts regarding the post-surgery phase:

DO your rehabilitation process very earnestly

After the surgery consults your doctor for further instructions. Perform all the exercises prescribed by your physical therapist-even if it’s difficult. You will experience some pain and frustration, but make sure to continue! Surgeons say 50 per cent of a positive outcome depends on the patient’s readiness to work hard in therapy and rehab. To heal your knee properly, take your prescribed medicines and get plenty of sleep.

DO hot and cold treatment 

According to the experts, the swelling after the surgery can last for three to six months. Ice packs are suggested to reduce inflammation and pain. Use ice packs several times a day for about 10-20 minutes. After the swelling has gone down, switch between ice and heat to help relax the muscles.

 STAY healthy

Keeping your body healthy results in faster healing. if you smoke, stop! Smoking shrinks your blood vessels, which results in slower healing. Stop drinking alcohol if you are taking a blood thinner or any pain medications. Try to maintain a healthy weight, the heavier the weight the greater the pressure on the knee. Strengthen your leg muscles to improve overall blood flow. Start low-impact activities like walking, swimming, or cycling a stationary bike after consulting with your doctor

 TRY not to put unnecessary stress on your knee

Don’t lift heavy objects. Turn your entire body while changing direction while walking. Stay aware of your form while bending down, kneeling or sitting. Take a second opinion of your therapist about your form so they can assist you if you are going wrong.

DON’T schedule other surgical appointments

Ask your doctor before scheduling other surgical procedures as they may affect the healing process of the knee. Specially surgeries of the intestine and bladders are of utmost concern.

 NEVER give up

All individuals and surgeries are different. People heal and recover at their rate. Don’t be hard on yourself and appreciate every accomplishment you make along the way.

If you have problems during the recovery, Dr Debashish Chanda is your person! Contact his clinic and book an appointment today.